Christian Views On Homosexuality - Past And Present

Homosexuality is, and has always been a controversial issue. In fact, in some societies and countries in the world, it is an abomination to even speak about it, let alone imagine the consequences of engaging in the act itself. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage is not alien to most religious factions. Christianity held a standard concerning the issue of same-sex marriage right from bible times, although there are some Christians nowadays who seem to have a different view on the matter. Before we look into the Christian view of homosexuality today, let's discuss the historical Christian perception of homosexuality.



The Old Testament has a take on homosexuality in four different passages. Some of these four passages clearly express homosexuality as an abominable act. Examples are Leviticus 18:22: "Don't have sex with a man as one does with a woman. That is abhorrent" (MSG Bible). This chapter only classifies the act as an abomination in conjunction with other sexual sins. While Leviticus 20:13 states a clearer penalty for the act: "If a man has sex with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is abhorrent. They must be put to death; they are responsible for their own deaths" (MSG Bible).



Other passages were more of an event, like the cases of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-11), and Gibeah (Judges 19:22). From these passages and historical events, it is pretty clear to see what the bible has to say concerning homosexuality and every act related to it. The view of the Bible, however, did not change when the new testament came into being. Romans 1:27 states that: " And in the same way also, the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and bond in their desire towards one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their persons the due penalty of their error" (NASB translation).

Progressing from the time of the New Testament until now, it would only be normal to assume that Christians (followers of Christ and bible teachings) would maintain the same abominable view the bible has towards any form of homosexuality, but that is not the case. There are some Christians that hold a different view and have, in their own unique way, accepted the concept of homosexuality. The continuous argument between the Christians that accept the concept, and those that feel it is against the teachings of the bible, has created an obvious divide.



Nowadays, we have regular Christians, and those that are regarded as radical Christians. Whether regular Christians are right to accept homosexuality, or radical Christians view homosexuality as a devilish act is not important. For a true Christian, what should matter is what the Bible says about different areas of life without adding modifications that may suit or support a certain point of view.

Most non-Christians who do not believe in the act of homosexuality view it as unnatural and hence tend to have a hostile reception to it and all of its related vices. They (non-Christians) do not preach the love for everyone which Christians believe. However, radical Christians tend to push their beliefs a little too far, which may appear unwelcoming to a homosexual sympathizer. This has been a strong point of argument for those who believe being gay or lesbian is a natural occurrence and such people shouldn't be treated with spite.



The world is becoming more dynamic and flexible than it was some years ago. The church and some Christians are beginning to lose the core of their faith and are accepting some things they naturally would have fought against decades ago. It remains unclear what the outcome of the homosexual rights battle will be among the members of the Christian community, but the truth has never been this clear.