The Country Has Become Toxic?

The atmosphere in the US seems to have become a more hateful, chaotic one, especially targeting Muslims, immigrants, and now barely incoming transgender rights and possibly, gay rights, are on the chopping block as well.  When all of this happens within three weeks of a new president and his administration taking office, the citizens need to wonder why the country is in such divided chaos, even if they supported this new candidate.

How our government allowed its democracy to be this threatened and this compromised, we will never know.  After all, Trump ran his campaign on hate.  Hate against LGBT, people affected by disabilities, and shamefully, he's been caught on record saying unsavory statements about women.  Time and time again.

If Bill Cosby lost his career that quickly, and there are ties between Russian and Trump, how is this administration even in charge?  How could the government let any of this happen?

We had eight years of a wonderful president who is know jet skiing and enjoying the waters on an island.  Check out how relaxed he looks while the rest of us are as worried as we can be:

However, you can't blame him.  He did so much in eight years: women's rights, LGBT rights, immigrations rights, and more.  He did evertyhing with so much grace.  I am ready to order a canoe or kayak[/link] and call it a day.  

But at the end, I end up on this site and want to remind myself that it is an open discussion, videos, and a forum I want to present here, whether they are negative or positive.  After all, no progress is made if no discussions are held and you don't hear people on the other side.  Sure, our patience might get tested but at the end of the day, it is the human experience that helps us all evolve.

Next, the Trump administration is undoing transgender rights to use whichever restroom they are comfortable with.  Tell me, why are we so concerned with what goes on behind bathroom stalls?  It is not our job to regulate other people!

I can't wait to take out my new kayak which I looked up using Killer Kayaks. With everything going on, I am finding that being in nature has a calming effect.  This is why I try to hike or surf at least one a week and now, seems like boating or kayaking once every couple of months to stay sane.

I wonder what other news I can report on here.  Perhaps something positive... yes, why not?